Determinant Liquid Stake

Determinant Finance: Revolutionizing Staking with Liquidity

Liquid Staking

Determinant Finance introduces a transformative approach to staking in the digital token realm. Our liquid staking solution not only offers a straightforward path to earning rewards from your digital tokens but also maintains their liquidity. This means while your tokens are staked with us, they remain active and usable across various DeFi applications, unlocking additional earning potentials.

Staking Pool and dtETH: Flexibility and Freedom

Our protocol is structured around individual staking pools for each supported network, ensuring a tailored and efficient staking experience. The heart of our system is dtETH. Unlike traditional staked tokens that are locked and immobile, dtETH retains its transferability. This flexibility allows users to engage with their staked tokens in diverse DeFi protocols, including collateral, lending, farming, and more.

Node Operators: Ensuring Security and Stability

Node Operators are the pillars of our infrastructure, tasked with managing secure and stable validator clients. These dedicated staking providers guarantee the safety of funds and the accuracy of validator operations, ensuring peace of mind for our users.

The Problem with Traditional Staking

Traditional Proof-of-Stake (PoS) staking often confines tokens to a single project with fixed rewards, resembling a bond. This limitation restricts the potential for higher returns from the broader DeFi ecosystem. If your crypto is fully staked, your ability to invest or trade in more lucrative opportunities is hampered.

The Determinant Solution: Liquid Staking

Our liquid staking solution addresses these limitations by:

  • Simplifying the staking process, eliminating concerns about hardware setup and maintenance.

  • Allowing rewards on any deposit size, breaking the barriers like the Ethereum's 32 ETH minimum.

  • Serving as a foundational element for other applications, such as collateral in various trading and lending DeFi solutions.

  • Offering a versatile alternative to exchange staking, solo staking, and other semi-custodial and decentralized protocols.

Solo Staking and Its Challenges

While solo staking has its merits, it presents challenges like technical complexity, minimum deposit requirements, risk of severe penalties, and locked funds. SaaS staking, though similar, requires trust in a centralized third party, which might not align with the decentralized ethos of crypto. Centralized exchange staking, despite potentially higher APRs, undermines the decentralized principles and restricts subsequent DeFi activities.

The Benefits of Determinant's Liquid Staking

Determinant's non-custodial liquid staking solution, supported by actively maintained validators, eliminates these inconveniences. It unlocks PoS potential by allowing users to stake tokens while retaining their liquidity for use in other DeFi projects. This not only enhances individual rewards but also contributes to the overall growth of staking participation.

Protocol APR and Liquid Staking Pools

Our Protocol APR represents the gross annual percentage rate based on the consensus and execution layer rewards received by Determinant validators. This is calculated as a moving average over the last 7 days. The opening of our liquid staking pools will commence following our sale, marking the beginning of a new era in staking powered by our skilled node operators.

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