Overview: Simplifying Asset Transfers Across Chains with Determinant Finance

Seamless 1:1 Asset Swaps Across Different Chains

Determinant Finance introduces a hassle-free way to swap native assets across various blockchain networks, maintaining a 1:1 value ratio. Whether you need to swap ETH on Ethereum for USDT on BNB or any other combination, our platform facilitates these exchanges efficiently.

Step-by-Step Guide to Completing Transfers

  1. Access the Platform:

    • Navigate to the Determinant Finance app.

  2. Wallet Connection:

    • Connect your digital wallet to Determinant to initiate transactions.

  3. Initiating the Transfer:

    • Select

        • the 'Transfer' option in the navigation bar.

        • Choose the token you wish to transfer.

        • Specify the 'From Network' (the blockchain you're transferring from) and the 'To Network' (the blockchain you're transferring to).

        • Enter the total amount for the transfer.

      1. Network Synchronization:

        • If your wallet’s active network differs from the 'From Network' you've selected, click on 'Switch Network' to sync your wallet to the correct blockchain.

      2. Approval and Execution:

        • Click 'Approve' to authorize the swap.

        • Your assets will be swapped seamlessly across the selected networks.

      Cross-Chain Transfers of DTH Tokens

      In addition to regular asset swaps, Determinant Finance also supports the cross-chain transfer of DTH tokens. Enjoy the benefit of:

      • No Protocol Transfer Fees: We waive protocol transfer fees for DTH token swaps.

      • Minimal Costs: Users only incur the standard gas fees associated with these transactions.

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